Waking Up in Another World

“A hot liquid trickled down from the corners of his eyes. One of his nostrils seemed to be blocked and he sniffed the air, trying to adjust his breathing to the congested climate of the corner where his face was turned. His throat too seemed to have been caught, for as he inhaled the air it seemed to irritate his trachea uncomfortably. He began to swallow air in order to relieve his nose and throat. But when a breath of air pierced the cavity which was clogged the other became impenetrable. A cough shook the inner tissues of his throat and he spat furiously into the corner where he lay. He leaned his elbow and blew his nose under the carpet on which he lay. Then he fell back, his legs gathered together and shrunken under the thin folds of his blanket, his head buried into his arms. He felt very cold. And he dozed off again” (15).

Mulk Raj Anand, Untouchable, Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics Editions, 1935

Notes: reality of the impoverished, sharp detail, quality of life and self, exterior reality showing truth about society,  effect of describing event of seeming insignificance, gruesome detail

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