The beauty confuses

“Gliding across Piccadily, the car turned down St. James Street. Tall men, men of robobust physique, well dressed men with their tail-coats and their white slips and their hair raked back who, for reasons difficult to discriminate, we’re standing in the bow window of Brook’s with their hands behind the tails of their coats, looking out, percieved instinctively that greatness was passing, and the pale light of the immortal presence fell upon them as it had fallen upon Clarrisa Dalloway.”  (18)

notes: it’s easy to begin to see these men, but what is Brook’s, other than the intriate descriptions of the men, there is no other real description of anything. They float in existence but unsurrouded by any other objects, so they float in the mind of the reader in the same way they float in Clarrissa’s mind.

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