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A small, thin man, naked except for a loin-cloth, stood outside with a small brass jug in his left hand, a round white cotton skull-cap on his head, a pair of wooden sandals on his feet, and the apron of his loin-cloth lifted to his nose.

It was Havildar Charat Singh, the famous hockey player of the 28th Dogras regiment , as celebrated for his humour as for the fact, which with characteristic Indian openness he acknowledged, that he suffered from chronic piles (15).

Anand, M. R. (1935). Untouchable. (p. 15). New York: Penguin Books.

Notes:  When reading the first part of the passage I expected the “small, thin man” to just be a regular towns-person, so I was very surprised to learn that this man who is dressed very simply, is a “famous” hockey player. It shows that no matter the profession, there are very  few wealthy citizens in this community.