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They were, however, sahibs. Whatever they did was ‘fashun.’ But his own countrymen – they were natus (natives)… And he recalled the familiar sight of all those naked Hindu men and women who could be seen squatting in the open, outside the city, every morning. ‘So shameless,’ he thought; ‘they don’t seem to care who looks at them, sitting there like that. It is on account of that that the goras white men call them kala log zamin par hagne wala (black man, you who relieve yourself on the ground). Why don’t they come here?’

Anand, Mulk Raj. Untouchable. London: Penguin, 1935, 18.

Notes: Bahka is ashamed of his own countrymen’s nakedness when he sees them through the eyes of the Englishmen. His “enlightenment” is similar to that of Adam and Eve’s in the Bible. Once they ate the fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil, they became ashamed of their own nakedness. Likewise, Bahka indulges in English culture and, thus, begins to see his own culture differently.