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A Brief POV Change in “Mrs. Dalloway”

“To his patients he gave three-quarters of an hour; and if in this exacting science which he has to do with what, after all, we know nothing about – the nervous system, the human brain – a doctor loses his sense of proportion, as a doctor he fails.  Health we must have; and health is a proportion; so that when a man comes into your room and says he is Christ (a common delusion), and has a message, as they mostly have, and threatens, as they often do, to kill himself, you invoke proportion; order rest in bed; rest in solitude; silence and rest; rest without friends, without books, without messages…” (99).


Woolf, V. (1925). Mrs. dalloway. (p. 99). New York: Harcourt, Inc.

Note: This is  Rezia’s perspective of Dr. Holmes and the reader goes from third-person narrative in this passage to first-person twice, with references to “we.”  Additionally, there is a mention of “your.” As a reader, I feel as if Rezia herself is talking to someone in a sarcastic tone, perhaps having an internal monologue.