Stream of thought intermediate

“Vernon looks at him. Jewels’s eyes look like pale wood in his high-blooded face. He is a head taller than the rest of us, always was. I told them that’s why am always whipped him and petted him more. Because he was peaking around the house more. That’s why she named him Jewel I told them.” (16)

notes: Faulkner, in my opinion, improves on what Woolfe attempts to do. In Mrs. Dalloway I often found myself lost in her transitions. ThougH Mrs. Dalloway replicates life though the lens of individual minds, ¬†Faulkner shows this doesnt have to be done in a way that’s so purposefully confusing. Additionally, I think Faulkner’s method of changing character perspectives by simply putting the POV as the title of chapters, is better than the more difficult to track changes in Mrs. Dalloway.

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