no flow

“Jefferson Campbell had often before seen Melanctha Herbert, but he had never liked her very well, and he had never believed she was any good.” (110)


“Dr. Campbell did not like Melanctha’s ways, and he did not think that she would ever come to any good” (112)


Melanctha is full of very similar lines that are repeated over and over. Above is one such example where it is explained that Jefferson Campbell does not think Melanctha is any good. These lines are on back to back pages, and there are more very similar lines. The whole structure of the piece seems as though it assumes that the reader cannot remember what they read two seconds earlier. Through out the piece there are about no pronouns used, just constantly repeating each characters name over and over.  Because of the fact that most every line is redundant and could be left out, the whole piece has very little flow making it difficult to read.

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