Mrs. Dalloway

‘Quite descended on her, calm, content, as her needle, drawing silk smoothly to its gentle pause, collected the green folds together and attached them, very lightly to the belt.’ (39)

Woolf, V. (1925). Mrs. Dalloway.  New York: Harcourt, Inc

Notes: Small things quite our minds and bring calm. It is tiring to have an active mind.

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  1. I feel like the idea that Clarissa can often find peace and, more broadly, positive emotions from the situation she is in is interesting. Right from the beginning, Clarissa states how much she loves London and how much the city brings her happiness. I think these positive contemplations, present all throughout Woolf’s work, are also linked to nature: for example, right after the passage you quoted, Clarissa connects “summer’s day waves” to her heart saying “Fear no more”. Clarissa’s ability to find a deeper meaning in her experiences here is really soothing and like you said, calming her.

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