Malgudi Days

He walked off to his car, sat in the back seat and reflected.  He looked at his watch.  Midnight.  If the will was to be signed, it must be done within the next two hours, or never.  He could not be responsible for a mess there; he knew the family affairs too well and about those wolves, Subbiah and his gang,  But what could he do?  If he asked him to sign the will it would virtually mean a death sentence and destroy the thousandth part of a chance that the patient had of survival.”

Narayan, R.K. Malgudi Days. New York: Penguin, 2006.

Notes: Strange how the doctor thinks signing a will can bring about the death of a patient.  The doctor is facing a sort of conundrum here.  He knows that not signing the will can ruin the chances of the family inheriting the property, yet he is concerned with his life.  There is an importance on making sure the property remains with the family while at the same time trying to remain optimistic about the chances of survival.  It is a question of who is being pragmatic in this situation, the doctor or the patient?

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