Language and castes

“Bakha turned abruptly and noticed Ramanand the peevish old black moneylender shouting at him in his sharp southern diction” (19).

“And he was, as he said, in the language characteristic of the Indian lover, ‘dead over her'” (31).

Anand, Mulik Raj. Untouchable. New York: Penguin Books. 1940.

Notes: It is notable how deeply important class and caste is in this society. And this even is reflected in Anand’s close attention to language, and how he portrays language and what characters say, as well as how these things are viewed by others in the community. Further, it’s as if the text itself is very aware of and making a conscious decision to use language to discuss these class issues, as well as to draw attention to how language is also a very ingrained aspect of each caste (and the levels within those castes as well) in society as a whole.

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