Is this wrong…or right ?

“He still tried to think what was the right answer.” (Joyce 11)

– During this scene, Stephen is still hung up and questioning the fact on whether or not what he does is right or wrong… Even tho Stephen maybe feels like a target, he shouldn’t care of what people think. So I think any answer he gives is the right answer.

“The train was full of fellows: a long long chocolate train with cream facings. The guards went to and for opening, closing, locking, unlocking the doors. They were men in dark blue and silver, they had silvery whistles and their keys made a quick music: click, click, click, click.” (Joyce 16)

– The writing style is very fun and different. Color is something that is brought up a lot in this paragraph. Joyce also described everything very well here. It makes the reader really get and understand what is happening on the train.

Notes: questioning, color = descriptive ?, ¬†you shouldn’t care about what people think, enjoy the little details.

1 thought on “Is this wrong…or right ?

  1. dms,
    I think it was right of you to question Stephens insecurity and desire to belong. It is something he deals with for almost the entirety of the novel; what he deems as good/bad vs. what others (the church) thinks is good/bad. He struggles with finding himself, but through various obstacles and experiences he is able to identify his true beliefs and a sense of moral character. An example of this would be when he has sexual relations with the prostitutes. After the religious retreat, his shame and guilt overwhelm him so he decides to dedicate himself once again to the world of Catholicism. He develops as a person he is proud to be.

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