is ignorance bliss?

“It is the sense that there is no answer, that if honestly examined life presents question after question which must be left to sound on and on after the story is over in hopeless interrogation that fills us with a deep, and finally it may with a resentful, despair. They are right perhaps; unquestionably they see further than we do and without our gross impediments of vision. But perhaps we see something that escapes them…” (Woolf).


Virginia Woolf, “Modern Fiction,” in The Common Reader: First Series (San Diego: Harcourt, Inc., 1925), 153. Web.

Notes: uncertainty of life itself, the sadness that comes with awareness and deeper observation, ‘seeing’ beyond what is in front of us- is this why ‘ignorance is bliss’, because when we look further, we are prone to this ‘despair’? Who is ‘they’ and what are they right about?



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