Indian Camp

“Ought to have a look at the proud father. They’re usually the worst suffers in these little affairs.” the doctor said. “I must say he took it all pretty quietly.”

He pulled back the blanket from the Indian’s head. His hand came away wet. He mounted on the edge of the lower bunk with the lamp in one hand and looked in. The Indian lay with his face toward the wall. His throat had been cut from ear to ear. The blood had flowed down into a pool where his body sagged the bunk. His head rested on his left arm. The open razor lay, edge up, in the blankets. (Hemingway), 18

Hemingway, Ernest. In Our Time. New York: First Scribner ebook edition 2002.

Notes: May be the only case in history when the father suffered more in the “little affair” of childbirth. Especially after being in labor for three days.



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  1. I too found this idea really intriguing, that Nick’s father says so matter-of-factly that fathers are usually the worst sufferers in these”little” affairs. I’m not sure exactly why that would be the case, but maybe it’s saying while the woman suffers physically, actually giving birth to the baby, the fathers suffer psychologically, which may be the worse of the two. I think Nick’s father may have said it almost ironically, considering he joked that the father “took it all pretty quietly”, but then the joke takes a drastically dark turn when it’s revealed that the father slit his own throat because of the birth.

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