Important evidences

I feel like, even if the interchapters are meant to be bits of stories from the war, and therefore wrote in quite an emotionless and destabilizing style for the reader, the writer still drops realistic evidences about how he felt about the scene.
For example, in the first interchapter, the author finishes with “That was when I was a kitchen corporal.” as if he just remembered this detail and decided to add it at the last minute.
In the second one, he finishes with “It rained all through the evacuation.”. It seems that for the speaker, the weather striking detail about this memory.
In the third one, the last sentence is “They all came just like that.”, it shows that the speaker expresses surprise about how easily people came and maybe implying that there is a fine line between life and death with the previous comment “We shot them.”.
My idea is that the style displayed for the interchapters in Hemingway’s In Our Time is actually very realistic in the sense that it gives the reader the feeling that he his witnessing every memories, exactly how they are remembered in the mind of the speaker.

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