Framing Through Parents

“That was not a nice expression.  His mother had told him not to speak with the rough boys in the college.  Nice mother!  The first day in the hall of the castle when she had said goodbye she had put up her veil double to her nose to kiss him: and her nose and eyes were red.  But he pretended not to see that she was going to cry.  She was a nice mother and but she was not so nice when she cried.  And his father had given him two fiveschilling pieces for pocket money.  And his father had told him if he wanted anything to write home to him and, whatever he did, not to peach on a fellow.” (pg. 7)

Joyce begins by framing all of Stephen’s actions through his relationship to his parents.  This paragraph does not even mention his name but only refers to him by his relation to the parents.

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