Formal elements in narration

“It’s because he stays out there, right under the window, hammering and sawing on that goddamn box. Where every breath she draws is full of his knocking and sawing where she can see him saying See. See what a good one I am making for you. I told him to go somewhere else. I said Good God do you want to see her in it. It’s like when he was a little boy and she says if she had some fertilizer she would try to raise some flowers and he taken the bread pan and brought it back from the barn full of dung.” (14)

Nots: repetition within repetition, how the omission of quotation marks forges connections between characters

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  1. I just wrote my blog post about repetition, and then I saw yours right after. Do you think we repeat ourselves, in like the everyday, half as much as we see it in these books? Or do you think authors repeat dialogue or narration to make a point and exaggerate it to an extreme?

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