Using Sakai’s Drop Box

This page explains how to turn in papers via the Sakai drop box. If possible, submit your paper in PDF rather than Word (.doc or .docx) or other format. Some notes on producing PDFs can be found on this page:

Note: the screenshots on this page show the Fall 2012 course site for 355, but the Drop Box works just the same way.

Your Drop Box is visible only to you and to the instructors; no one else can see anything you upload there.

  1. Log in to the course Sakai site.

  2. Click the “Drop Box” link on the navigation bar at left.

  1. Your Drop Box will now appear. This holds files you have submitted, as well as any files returned to you after grading.

  1. To upload a file, click the “Add” menu button, and choose “Upload files.”

  1. Click the “Browse…” button and choose the document you are uploading.

  1. Once the name of the file appears in the “File to Upload” text box, click the “Upload Files Now” button. You haven’t uploaded the file until you click this button.

  1. To double-check that the file has been uploaded, return to the first Drop Box page by clicking “Drop Box” in the navigation bar at the far left and see whether your file is listed.