difficulties of war

They whack–whacked the white horse on the legs and he kneed himself up.  The picador twisted the stirrups straight and pulled and hauled up into the saddle.  The horse’s entrails hung down in a blue bunch and swung backward and forward as he began to canter, the monos whacking him on the back of his legs with the rods.  He cantered jerkily along the barrera.  He stopped stiff and one of the monos held his bridle and walked him forward.  The picador kicked in his spurs, leaned forward and shook his lance at the bull.  Blood pumped regularly from between the horse’s front legs.  He was nervously wobbly.  The bull could not make up his mind to charge.  (89)

Hemingway, Ernest.  In Our Time.  New York: Scribner, 2003.

Notes: fight of horse and bull as metaphor for war.  two different sides.  physical and emotional anguish one experiences in war.  spanish references.

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