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Blog assignment: make a historical line

In lieu of commonplacing this week:

Write a blog entry with short notations (a few words) about four works we have read in relation to a single specific theme, device, problem, or pattern. Note the dates of the works as well. Then write at least two sentences about the literary-historical trajectory you see: continuity? sudden change? gradual evolution? opposing tendencies?

Due Sunday, December 1, at 5 p.m.

Commonplace and analyze

Choose two passages from the Stein reading to commonplace. Look for passages that seem to you connected in some way—by a pattern in language, a shared image, a common problem. Put both passages in a single blog post. Then, in the same blog post, write a paragraph connecting those passages in as many ways as you can. Pay close attention to Stein’s technique as well as her themes: consider syntax, vocabulary, and rhythm; think about what she omits as well as what she says; think about the ordering of events (or non-events) in the text. Do not summarize plot or talk about character psychology.

This is an ungraded exercise, but it is required. You have until 5 p.m. on Sunday 9/22 to complete this assignment for credit. As usual, it is possible to do valuable work in the commonplace book even if you have not yet completed the whole text. Focus on the details of Stein’s sentences.