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the missing link

Henry James, “Beast in the Jungle”

“As soon as he heard her voice, however, the gap was filled up and the missing link supplied…” (James, Henry, Gutenberg ebook. Project Gutenberg, 2005, 3).

“What she brought out, at any rate, quite cleared the air and supplied the link—the link it was so odd he should frivolously have managed to lose” (4).

Thoughts: triggers, gap, emptiness, loss, unaware loss, opportunity, presence, nostalgia, filling, refreshing

“a novel is a novel, as a pudding is a pudding”

The Art of Fiction by Henry James

“…and there is a presumption that those times when no one has anything particular to say about it, and has no reason to give for practice or preference, though they may be times of genius, are not times of development, are times possibly even, a little, of dulness.”

(Henry James, The Art of Fiction, Longman’s Magazine 4, September 1884, 1)

presumption, assumption, hindrance of genius, timing, what is “good,” judgement, scrutiny, development, growth


The Decay of Lying by Oscar Wilde

“Paradox though it may seem – and paradoxes are always dangerous things – it is none the less true that Life imitates art far more than Art imitates life.”

(Wilde, Oscar, The Decay of Lying, The Complete Writings of Oscar Wilde, The Nottingham Society, 1909, 7)

paradox, danger, seeming, appearance, always, never, sometimes, truth, imitation, inverse