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Oppositions in metaphors

“When they were two they either mingled their sounds of ecstasy or melted into silences of even deeper import” (189)

“It had not taken them many minutes, after all, to put down on the table, like the cards of a pack, those that constituted their respective hands; only what came out what that the pack was unfortunately not perfect – that the past, invoked, invited, encouraged, could give them, naturally, no more than it had.” (193)

-Cards: inclusion of past and present in metaphor, suggestion of future/destiny?

“…so that they were, to Marcher’s sense, no longer hovering about the head-waters of their stream, but had felt their boat pushed sharply off and down the current.” (202)

-Bluntness of James’ metaphors, movement from individual to shared

“Their nerves, their sensibility, their imagination, were conductors and revealers, and the beauty of May Bartram was in particular that she had given herself so to his case. He felt in these days what, oddly enough, he had never felt before, the growth of a dread of losing her by some catastrophe – some catastrophe that yet wouldn’t at all be the catastrophe … It was characteristic of the inner detachment he had hitherto so successfully cultivated and to which our whole account of him is a reference, it was characteristic that his complication, such as they were, had never yet seemed so as at this crisis to thicken about him…” (216)

-Use of singular nouns – sync

-“Inner” vs. external detachment


James, Henry. “The Beast in the Jungle.” In The Better Sort. New York: Scribner, 1903. Internet Archive. (189-216).