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“Though his beat covered Vinayak Mudali Street and its four parallel roads, it took him nearly six hours before he finished his round and returned to the head office in Market Road to deliver accounts.” (page 14)

This is the beginning line of The Missing Mail and it leaves the reader wondering who “he” is. This quote also describes Malgudi and what it looks like. As the story goes on the reader figures out why Thanappa (he) does not deliver the mail.

Notes: mystery as to who “he” is, Malgudi landscaping, celebrations are the cause of the letter not reaching the house.


In all of the four novels we have read in this section, each character had to face something they rather not worry about. In Mrs. Dalloway, Mrs. Dalloway is struggling to put a party together and is questioning her relationship with her husband, in As I lay Dying,  Addie Bundren’s family is trying to figure out why the murder happened, in Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie tells her story of being Aferican-American during the slavery period, and lastly in Untouchable, Bakha is torn between following Christianity or following the teachings of Ghandi.

In each of these novels, the reader can learn about other people’s lives, and think outside of their own world. Each novel tells a great meaningful story that can be relatable to everyday life.

Cold Nights

“The nights had been cold, as they always are in the town of Bulashah, as cold as the days are hot. And though, both during winter and summer, he slept with his day clothes on, the sharp, bitter wind that blew from the brook at dawn had penetrated to his skin, past the inadequate blanket, through the regulation overcoat, breeches, puttees and ammunition boots of the military uniform that clothed him.” (page 10)

This quote really makes the reader understand what he is going through. This quotes tells the reader the environment Bakha is living in, it gives us a visual of his situation. I feel as if Bakha is very uncomfortable about his arrangement, but he sleeps with his day clothes on still.

Notes: uncomfortable; cold dark nights, but hot days; military lifestyle


The beginning chapters are the family members explaining their point of view of things. We learn from Cora that the family might work on a farm, and they are struggling to afford chickens. The reader does not now what time period or even state this is taking place in yet.. Even each chapter is short in sweet… Leaves the reader wondering.

notes: mysterious, family problems, whose dying yet ?

Where is the body?

“We both have got a body in a bath,
We both have got a body in a bath—
For in spite of all temptations
To go in for cheap sensations
We insist upon a body in a bath—”

“Gin a body meet a body
Hauled before the beak,
Gin a body jolly well knows who murdered a body and that old Sugg is on the wrong tack,
Need a body speak?”

Notes: poem, bad place to hide the body, murder was tempting?, why is the body in the bath,

Is this wrong…or right ?

“He still tried to think what was the right answer.” (Joyce 11)

– During this scene, Stephen is still hung up and questioning the fact on whether or not what he does is right or wrong… Even tho Stephen maybe feels like a target, he shouldn’t care of what people think. So I think any answer he gives is the right answer.

“The train was full of fellows: a long long chocolate train with cream facings. The guards went to and for opening, closing, locking, unlocking the doors. They were men in dark blue and silver, they had silvery whistles and their keys made a quick music: click, click, click, click.” (Joyce 16)

– The writing style is very fun and different. Color is something that is brought up a lot in this paragraph. Joyce also described everything very well here. It makes the reader really get and understand what is happening on the train.

Notes: questioning, color = descriptive ?,  you shouldn’t care about what people think, enjoy the little details.

Melanctha’s personality

“Melanctha was pale yellow and mysterious and a little pleasant like her mother, but the real power in Melanctha’s nature came through her robust and unpleasant and very unendurable black father.” (Stein 50)

“Once she slipped and fell from a high place.” (Stein)

These two quotes made me get a sense of Melanctha’s characteristics. Every character is going to have problems, and a story but from the first quote the reader can understand she gets her attitude from her black father. The second quote is just a quote I really like. Talking it out if context, every time I read it I see it as if someone who thinks highly of themselves is going to eventually trip and stumble at least once in their life.

Was Denial the Beast?

“But the devil in this was that very basis itself put marrying out of the question. His conviction, his apprehension, his obsession, in short, was not a condition he could invite a woman to share; and that consequence of it precisely what was the matter with him.”

Henry James, “The Beast in the Jungle”, in Major Stories & Essays, Library of America College Editions, 1999), p457

Is his conviction apprehension and obsession the “beast”? Was James trying to hint that his denial of the relationship was the beast? … “like a crouching beast in the jungle.” (pg 457)