The Horse’s eyes

“He will do on through the barn into the pasture.  The horse will not be in sight: he is up there among the pine seedlings, in the cool, Jewel whistles , once and shrill.  The horse snorts , then Jewel sees him…”Come here, sir,” Jewel says.  He moves.  Moving that quick his coat, bunching, tongues swirling like so many flames.  With tossing mane and tail and rolling eye the horse makes another short curvetting rush.”

Although the chapters in Darl’s point of view, as per the title, is it?  The story seems to jump into a story solely about Jewel and his horse, made more ambiguous by the diction of the sentence after Jewel says to come here, “his coat, bunching, tongues of swirling like so many flames” almost sounds like the point of view has shifted to the horse.

notes: point of view, lie, shift?

William Faulkner, As I Lay Dying, The Modern Library Editions, 2000

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